Cadillac in testing – Elmiraj?


A Cadillac has been spotted out testing and it is thought it is a Elmiraj. It was debuted at the Monterey car week and certainly impressed with its size as well as its features. Many of the guests were well impressed with it.
The car spotted has a Chevrolet Caprice body that has been modified. However, the fact that it is longer from the a-pillar forward is a give-away to its proper identity. The Caprice is 203 inches and the Concept at the show was 205 and it seems that the four door Elmiraj will be what is here.
The car has other signs that it is a test mule. It has a cover over the fuel door and the front and rear fascias are very modified which seems to be hiding some changes from the standard caprice. It may also hint that there is going to be rear-wheel drive, or at least the fact that they are using a Caprice raises some hopes as this is a feature that the larger Cadillac’s have been lacking in the past.
It is an exciting thing sfor Cadillac to have a new flagship car which is a stylish four door vehicle. It will compete with the likes  of the Mercedes S-class and is something that fans of the Cadillac have been crying out for. However, it is still early days and many things may change before its official release.


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