C8 Preliator by Spyker Was Presented in Geneva


car spy photos Spyker C8 Preliator 2017

The C8 Preliator by Spyker was caught during the automobile exhibition in Geneva.

The automobile will be presented in the afternoon tomorrow and it will be one of the most important brand’s models, because it will be the first version to be launched after the company declared about its bankruptcy in 2015.

Little details known about the automobile, but according to the car spy photos Spyker C8 Preliator 2017 the version will be a replacement for the C8 Aileron, which was presented in 2008. The style features are pretty inconspicuous between the two models. The upcoming version will have a redone bumper, a modified grille, and a modernized ventilated bonnet.

The specifications of the model are also a secret. The previous version, however, was running on the engine of 4.2 liters that developed 400 units of horsepower. The engine worked in pair with automatic transmission for 6 speeds.

It is unknown whether the automobile will have the same engine, but according to the previous information, it might have the electric power train. This is not a surprise, as the company announced before it had plans to design classy and elegant electric automobiles.

Sneak peak of the new #Spyker #Preliator @spykercars is back!!!

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