C7 Corvette Pictures Seen


There have been some leaked drawings of the new C7 Corvette on the web over the holiday season. These have been put up by a Corvette forum member who has also leaked some shots for the Mercedes Benz CLA and 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible. He claims that someone had sent them to him but they have been removed from the forum since with a note saying that someone may have lost their job had they remained.
Of course, as soon as they went up there were copies made and so the pictures are still available to see online. They look like they may have been taken from a manual for owners and they show a lot of detail including the exterior of the car, the back, the rear hatch and detailed drawings of the seats, engine bay and cockpit. It reveals the steering wheel and central screen which has some buttons underneath and the new seat seems to have some adequate bolstering which differs from other corvettes.
There has been a teaser video of the dashboard area and the drawings confirm that there will be a LCD Screen. These will have speedo gauge as well as fuel and water temp gauges and there will be a function where the car can be monitored on a track with information such as throttle, lap time, G-force, steering angle and gear selection so you can keep an eye of performance. It will keep a record of the information on an SD card.
It has been said that the cars will have an active rev match which will match the engine speed to the gear for up and down shifts in gear. There will also be an engine sound management system which will change the engine note by a selection of setting so it robustness alters to auto, city, sport, track, off, tour and stealth options.
The C7 will be first shown at the Detroit Auto Show in three week’s time and it is likely that there will be no big surprises with all the details that have already been released. It is nice to have some surprises but with so many leaks and teasers there is not much that we do not know already.


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