Buick Regal and LaCrosse seen With A New Look


Buick and GMC are remodelling nine if their products and two more of them have been recently spotted. The 2014 Buick LaCrosse and 2014 regal have been recently photographed when they were out testing. From the looks of it, they will both be pretty impressive. The pictures show that they are both being remodelled and indicate that the LaCrosse is more likely to ready before the Regal. They look close to production as well with the possibility of one being shown at the end of April at the Shanghai Motor show.
The LaCrosse did have a lot of disguise using a new camouflage but it has already been seen in china completely uncovered. It can also be seen that it looks like the car that was photographed last month with its large grille, reshaped exhaust and LED accents in the headlights. Something that is not obvious is the new cabin.
The Regal also looks to have had a restyle and evidence of this is the new fascia and headlights that can be seen. However, it does look like the main changes will actually be at the back. It can be seen that the base models of the Regal will be getting the new fascia’s and headlights it does not look like the Regal GS will be getting these in its sportier model. There is a lot of fabric on the instrument panel in the pictures which implies that there will be some upgrades to look out for there as well.


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