Buick LaCrosse Spotted With a new Look


General Motors announced in September that they could be coming up with a new look for both the Buick LaCrosse and the GMC Sierra. There have been pictures taken of the GMC before and now the Buick has been seen too and the exciting thing is that there is evidence of its new look. Autohome posted a selection of pictures and from those a new interior and exterior seem evident. These pictures were of the car intended for the Chinese market and inside looked completely restyled with changed to the outside of the vehicle too.
The main changes on the outside are new fascias as well as lights. There is a new grille which is not only reshaped but has seven sides and is larger. The head lights are trimmed LED’s and the portholes, which are the signature feature of the Buick, have been moved to the sides of the hood. The back has some differences as well with chrome brow on the decklid that fills the across the car. The exhaust outlets are now on the corners of the fascia which is squarer in look. It seems to have a similar look to the Hyundai Equus from the pictures seen.
The LaCrosse is the vehicle which has been the prime reason that Buick is now seen as one of the top car makers and this is mainly due to the great quality interior. With even more improvements in this new car, this could even further increase their reputation. It looked like the new design no longer has the wood but a more modern look on the doors and instrument panel. There are less buttons in the centre and it is more upright. However, the pictures do not have enough detail to make much out. It is expected that the technology will be much improved with what looks like a handwriting recognition system, like is currently being used by Audi. If this is what the pad turns out to be, then this will be the first time GM have used this.
Sadly there has been no release date for the car but it is expected that it will not be too long. This conclusion is drawn both from the fact that the car was not that disguised when spotted and the act that GM try to release nine new cars every year.


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