Bugatti Video Shows New Grand Sport Venet


The Grand Sport venet is a one off model by Bugatti which is due to be officially revealed at Art Basal Miami Beach. Bugatti have released a taster video for those that cannot wait until then.
The car was designed bu Bernar venet who is a French artist and it has an exterior with dark brown at the back and organe on the front with pictures of mathematical formulas. Inside there is also two tone colouring with leather upholstery and orange formulas on the door pads. There is a sculpture between the seats and the artists signature is embroidered inside too.
The Venet will have a quad-turbocharges W16 engine like the standard Grand Sport model has. It will have 1001 horsepower and will be able to accelerate from 1-100 in 2.5 seconds and its top speed will be 252 miles an hour.

Bugatti Video


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