Bugatti Veyron Seen at Nurburgring


The Buggati name was bought by Volkswagen sixteen years ago and since then they have had a selection of concept cars which eventually turned in to the Veyron. Eleven years ago saw the first one and it is expected that next year will probably be the last year that the Veyron’s will be built. It has been an extremely long run for this particular model. This is the only model Bugatti currently has and so it looks like they will need something new unless they plan on not having anything at all available.
They decided not to make a less expensive sports car which means they are committed to making another super sports car. This is likely to be lighter than the Veyron as the car is a massive 4,000 pounds. However, the engine is huge and so it will be hard to cut down the weight easily.
However, a recently taken video clip shows a Bugatti testing at the Nurburgring which could answer the question. There seems to be a metal frame under an exposed engine on a Grand Sport prototype. It is unclear what they are actually planning, but it is exciting news that an engine that can produce over a thousand horsepower is being worked on. It is likely to be something very good indeed.

Bugatti Veyron Video


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