Brabus Fortwo Seen in testing


There have been version of everything that Mercedes makes by AMG even doen to the CLA, GLA and A-class, However, they have so far not copied the Smart brand. They have looked towards another manufacturer for help with this one.
Brabus was the company which worked on the original Smart Fortwo back in 2003 and they manages to get 74 horsepower from a 700cc engine. There was a second generation which had 101 hp with a 1.0 litre engine and a selection of other things that helped it to go faster as well. It looks like there will be some interest in this new model as well.
There is a lot of camouflage on this model but no cladding on the body but it is still not clear exactly what is underneath. It is expected that the new model will increase to 105-120 hp which will make the car a more aggressive vehicle. The sportier suspension, aero kit and dual exhaust will make it even more so.
It is expected that it will be next year when the car debuts and it could come close to competing with the Renaultsport version of the Twingo which shares rear engine underpinnings with the new Smart car. It will be interesting to compare the two models when they get on to the market.


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