Boost Your Trucks Performance With These Upgrades


Even if you don’t plan on pushing your truck to its limits, there are quite a few reasons why you should consider upgrading its performance. In addition to improving its fuel efficiency, many upgrades will also increase your truck’s lifespan. Here is a look at three mechanical projects that are sure to take your truck to the next level.


Aftermarket Exhaust

One of the most effective ways to add more torque and power to your truck is to install an aftermarket exhaust. When you add an aftermarket exhaust system, it will be much easier for air to flow out of the engine and through the catalytic converter. That could potentially boost the engine’s horsepower through all of the gears. While some bolt-on exhaust systems can be installed with nothing more than a few basic tools, you will most likely want to hire a mechanic if any welding is going to be involved.

Engine Tuner

Boosting your truck’s performance doesn’t need to be a time-consuming or costly process. Engine tuning chips are relatively inexpensive when compared to other upgrades, and they can improve almost every facet of an engine. Adding a tuning chip will be especially beneficial if you have made any other changes to your truck’s engine or drivetrain. As an added bonus, a tuning chip is also going to provide you with invaluable information on your truck’s primary mechanical systems.

Heavy-Duty Transmission

As soon as you start upgrading an engine, you might begin to notice problems with the transmission. If you want to avoid those issues entirely, then you should think about installing something like the 5r110 transmission. That heavy-duty transmission will smoothly move between gears and limit slippage. It is going to make it much easier to tow trailers and boats behind your truck as well.

These upgrades will have a major impact on your truck’s performance, but you also need to remember to schedule regular maintenance with an experienced mechanic. A local mechanic can help you catch minor issues before they become expensive problems that bring your truck to a grinding halt.


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