BMW’s 5th series Gran Turismo car with a refreshed design spotted up on its taste


Despite of thousands of news updates that the new BMW 5 series Gran Turismo will be cancelled or already has been cancelled has come to an end after the photo of the new Gran Turismo of BMW 5 series came out. As far as looks are concerned, it can be said that BMW has tried hard on this hatchback to improve the Gran Turismo market sales. Based on the spy shots of the new BMW 5 series Gran Turismo car, it can be clearly seen that BMW is trying to update the front face of the car along with minor improvements in the rear. However as the spy shots were not so clear, a lot of changes that were unspotted are up in the store to be revealed soon. As far as sources are concerned sources reveal the newest version of Gran Turismo is expected to bring major improvements on performance basis instead of major changes in its looks. Look changes might also include improving car wheels which are supposed to come with winter high performance rubber.
Despite of the latest revealed spy shots, still recently one more report was revealed the new 5 series version will either be dropped or cancelled. However the report clearly stated not confirmed which means everybody has to wait more to see what’s up with BMW 5 series car.


  1. Still very, very , very boring in every way. If you want a GT, get a Audi A7, Because it is just much better to look and drive at.


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