BMW X5 (2014) spied in Death Valley


BMW X5 (2014) spied in Death Valley
In the pre testing regime, BMW is undoubtedly giving a tough time to its latest version of X% which is to be released.
The X5, which is to be released in 2014 was initially spied at rain soaked Nurburgring, but off lately it has been viewed being tested in the Death Valley, California, USA.
What can be concluded from the BMW X5 spy shots?
It is a known fact that Death Valley, California is certainly a perfect place for testing the hot weather performance of the car. During its test it was shown that a part of its front camouflage just ripped away so that more air could flow into the engine bay.
The exact shape of the kidney grills which is a trademark of the company can be easily viewed along with the lower vent that is below the grills and the supplementary apertures that have been installed in the lower region of the bumper.
Instead of rectangular exhaust outlets that were seen by the X5 CARs spy photographer, this car comes equipped with circular, smaller section pipes, which indicated that this is a low power version in comparison to the papped version.
When will the new BMW X5 be finally launched in the market?
In early 2014 the The F15, which is the model code of BMW X5 will be released. The best part will be some major changes in the exteriors of the car but the major revisions or the changes that will be introduced in the car will be under covers. BMW will be making use of its latest X for all architecture in all the BMW X cars that will be released in future. These changes would actually help in getting the weight of the car by approximately 150kg in comparison to its present model. When compared, it can b easily seen that the present generation X5 xDrive 30d SE weighs around 2150kg.
If the spy shots that are available reveal the low powered X5, it would surely be running four pot power. As a matter of fact some of the hidden sources have confirmed that the new X5 will be offering 2.0 litre 245bhp/258lb ft diesel motor. Undoubtedly it can be stated that four cylinder X5 is all set to give a great competition to the latest Mercedes ML250 CDI.
In contrast to all this, the company would also be releasing the petrol electric hybrid model in addition to the new version of the X5M which will include a565bhp twin turbo 4.4 litre V8. The hybrid model will be a combination of 109bhp electric motor along with a 3.0 litre turbo charged engine.


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