BMW X3 M40i 2017 Appeared in the USA


car spy photos BMW X3 M40i 2017

The set of car spy photos BMW X3 M40i 2017 demonstrated that the company started the testing of the model of the third generation – M40i.

The company is creating its rear-wheel-drive SAV a little bigger in order to alienate it from the X1 that has the front-wheel-drive. CLAR platform will be situated on the X3 and the weight of the model is supposed to be around 100 kilograms.

X3 will have double black exhaust tubes and will take the turbocharged motor for 3 liter from the X4. The engine will give 355 units of horsepower in the X4 and presumably these figures will remain the same on the X3. New SAV will supposedly go up to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.7 seconds. The highest speed is expected to be at 250 kph. For those who want more performance, there are also rumors that a new X3 M model will appear and produce 500 units of horsepower.

There is a possibility of a model with a long wheelbase, which will provide more space for legs. However, it will be probably available only in the markets of China.

The company confirmed that the new model will be constructed in plant in South Carolina, as well as in South Africa.


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