BMW X1 Spotted


The BMW X1 was around for a whole four years before it was made available in the US and so it is not a surprise that they are already working on a new version despite it not being in the US for that long. It has been spotted on the back of a flatbed truck being driven along by a spy photographer. It is the first time the car, codenames F48 has been seen and it is expected to debut in 2015.
There is a lot of camouflage though and so it is hard to see much. The new platform does stand out though as the longer nose and shrunken dash-axle gap show that it will be on a front wheel drive platform. It is likely to be the one that is being used for the new Mini a 1 series GT. The shape looks similar to the current car but it is likely to have some of the new design features from the updated BMW range.


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