BMW X1 Hybid Seen in Testing


BMW X1 Hybid Seen in Testing

A BMW X1 has been seen while out testing and it had a surprise! On the side was a sticker which said ‘hybrid test vehicle’ and there was no tailpipe. It could mean that BMW is working on an all-electric model but there is maybe not enough evidence to be able to draw that conclusion from what has been seen.
Obviously the tailpipe, for example, may just be hidden, it could very well still be there. The hybrid sticker could mean that it will be a cross between electric and petrol of course with a similar set up to the X1. Lexus have said that they were planning a small hybrid and so BMW may be thinking that they will need something to compete with that. Perhaps when they release this refreshed crossover, they may decide to offer the hybrid as well.

There is more possible competition as well with the RAV4 EV which is a Toyota and Tesla combination and this will compete with the X1 as well. This may be a test BMW vehicle to bring together an all-electric car for the i range which is aimed at more eco minded people. This is something that those who saw this test car were quite confident about, but there is not enough evidence to know for sure.


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