BMW VED (i8) in Mission: Impossible 4


BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics MI4

Vision Efficient Dynamics concept from BMW caught during the filming of the next part of the “Mission Impossible 4“.

Recall that a hybrid car introduced in 2009. Vision Efficient Dynamics driving a 1.5-liter turbodiesel engine with two electric engines of 356 hp and torque of 800 Nm. This allows us to accelerate to the first hundred in just 4.8 seconds. Max speed is 250 km / hr. Appetites of the power plant are very modest – 3,76 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Only the electric concept can travel 50 kilometers.

BMW mission impossible 4 movie

Now on its base are preparing a hybrid sport BMW i8, which will premiere in 2012 at the Olympic Games in London. The power plant will consist of two electric motors combined capacity of 150 liters. with. and gasoline V10. Together, they will have to ensure the production version as much as 700 horsepower.

mission impossible 4 and bmw i8

BMW i8 missionimpossible4



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