BMW Testing the M2


It was recently reported that BMW were green lighting a special  car – the M2. This has been hugely anticipated since the 1 Series M Coupe was discontinues and so it was not known whether the rumours of it were actually true. However, it has now been spotted in testing in Germany and there are photographs to prove it.
The car does admittedly look very much like a M235i. There is a lot of camouflage on it though and it is thought that there are swollen fenders which are concealing wider tyres on this car. It is thought that these are not changes headed for the production model of the car though. It is expected that the production car will actually have fenders that look very different. This is because, according to the spy who took the pictures, the fenders used on the front of the car were actually borrowed from the M235i Racing. It was not known where the rear fenders were from though.
The spies also noticed some interesting high performance items on the car. The spotted the cross drilled brakes and blue M calipers for one, although they felt that these could have been very simiar to those offered as an option on the M235i. The wheels are form the M3 and M4 and look to be wearing Michelin tyres.
It looks like the car is definitely in very early testing stages and so there could be many more changes coming. Hopefully there will be many more pictures to come, which will reveal more and more details about this very exciting car.


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