BMW Series 2 Cabriolet Looks Almost Ready


The 2 series was a spin-off of the 1-series for BMW and both are pretty new to the family. The range for the Series 2 has been split between the Coupe and Active Tourer but it looks like there will soon be a new convertible to join them. This will be replacing the series 1 cabriolet.
The car has been spotted with its top down and with very little disguise on it. It was doings ome final testing and it looks like it is almost ready. The convertible is pretty much a 2 series coupe but with a folding roof, not based on the alternative front drove platform in the way that the Tourer is. This means that it will have rear-wheel drive, possible with the option of all-wheel as well if BMW decides to offer this like it did with the coupe. It is likley to have either the 228i or the M235i specification and they will both be turbocharged. The 228i will have a 240 horsepower engine which is a 2.0 litre four and the M235i will be a 3.0 litre inline six capable of 320 horsepower.
It is expected that the price will be over $40k for the 228i option and over $53k for the M235i based on the $8k premium that the convertible has over the coupe. This assumed that it will be offered with a top spec but that will take it close to the $54,900 price tag of the 435i convertible so they may not do this.


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