BMW M6 Gran Coupe (2013) scooped undisguised


The all new BMW M6 Gran Coupe has the V8 turbo diesel engine. It is the first of its type in the automobile world. The engine has features like common rail unit and direct injection. The engine has the capability of producing power up to 245 HP. It can also produce a torque of 413 lb ft. to ensure outstanding performance the torque of the car is always maintained between 1750 to 2500 rpm. The car is equipped with a dashboard. It has a large screen that measures 8.8 inch. This displays all the information that is needed by the driver while driving the car. It also has the conventional analog devices like the speedometer and tachometer. There are buttons to operate the steptronic transmission included in the engine. These buttons are found in the steering wheel. To drive or reverse the gears, the dash mountain lever can be used.
This new model of BMW has advanced features like short rear deck. It also has a long hood. This has almost become a common feature in BMW sports coupe. The wheels of the car are also a perfect match with the car. The front wheels are 20 inch large while the rear wheels are 21 inch. The dimension of this new version will remain same as that of its previous ones. The wheel bas of the car is 2950 mm. The car has a respective length, width and height of 4760 mm, 1970 mm and 1280 mm. This magnificent car will be available in the market for sale in summer 2013.



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