BMW M5 All-Wheel Drive Seems to be a Reality


BMW M5 There have been rumours that the BMW M5 will be having an all-wheel drive version for a while now. It now seems like these rumours will be proved to be true as there have been some spy shots taken of one testing with both front and back wheels spinning. It looked like a normal M5 but while ice testing it seemed like all four wheels were being turned, so the spy photographers got rather suspicious that it was not what it seems. Then they took some pictures underneath which shows that there is power to the front axle of the car. As it is still in the testing stage sit is likely that this will not be seen until the next 5-series model comes out. The all-wheel drive model may not be a hit with all fans as it breaks form the normal traditions of the car. However, it could mean that it will be able to achieve more power with at least 600 horsepower being proposed with a lighter platform as well. It does seem that this all-wheel drive version may just be an option with the rear-wheel drive coming as the standard model.


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