BMW M4 (2014) Seen in Testing


The pre production BMW M4 has been spotted in testing. The pictures reveal that the car is very close to a production model due to the small amount of disguise on it. It has only a strip of camouflage tape on it which covers the flared flanks and aggressive ducts of the car. This shows that it is on track for its unveiling in the summer of 2014 once the M3 is revealed at Frankfurt in September this year.
The M4 has a few outstanding features that sets it apart from the rest of the 4 series. It has a front bumper that is different as well as low set intakes instead of the slim grille that the regular cars have. It also has a power dome on the bonnet which is conclusive proof that it an M4.
The car also has blistered wheel arches which is a classic clue that it is an M4 and has some sporty alloys which are not the ones planned for the final model. The brake discs have gold calipers which show that it has ceramic brakes that is an option only available for BMW M6 & M5. The M4 will have standard uprated steel brakes.
The roof is covered in this series of pictures as well and this is because the M4 uses a carbon fibre roof like the E46 M3 CSL and E93 M3 to save weight lower the centre and gravity and improve handling. They obviously wanted to cover this up.
There are other clues that this is an M4 such as the quad exhaust tips, boot lid that has been reshaped and side skirts that are wider than in the more standard models.
The M4 has the same driveline as the new M3 saloon car and it comes in coupe, four door Gran Coupe and convertible formats. It has a twin turbo straight six engine which is lighter than traditional V8. It is more powerful with 444bhp that is an increase from 414 on the previous model. It also has a lot more torque with 695lb/ft and can reach 62mph in 4.5 seconds.


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