BMW M3 2013 Secrets Revealed


The new M3 2013 is expected to be a great vehicle and there is a lot of talk around about it at the moment. There is not that much official information, but with rumours, leaks and spy shots it is possible to put together quite a lot of interesting information about it. Here are six secrets that have been discovered that they do not want us to know about the car.
It is likely that the car will be seen in the autumn this year. It is one of the most eagerly awaited cars of the year and being a family car it is affordable as well as being rather exotic. It may be £54,720 for a new one, which is out of many peoples budgets but the second hand models are very reasonably priced and very popular as well. It looks like it will be seen in Munich at the Frankfurt motor show in the autumn in the same way that it did with the E92. It is likely that it will be a preview of the new one and it may still has some disguise on it and then in 2014 will show a production model at Geneva reading to have ready to sell in the summer of 2014 in the UK.
This really is the Daniel Craig of Sports Saloons. With BMW well known for creating a more understated style in the past, there are now more muscular styled cars being produced with powerful insides. It is expected that this new model will follow that, based on design drawings that were smuggled from the styling studio. It looks like the car is based on the F30 3-series but with some interesting tweaks. It is lower and has chunkier wheels with a widened track. It also has a new spoiler on the front and a power dome on the bonnet to make it look cooler. Where carbonfibre has been used, it will be seen, such as on the roof. The M cars of the future will all have the M on the boot rump and the front grille. This will also be guaranteed to be a sportier model and obviously so, with there being no mistaking it with a 316d. There will also be subtle future changes, according to Adrian van Hooydonk, the head of design. There will be blue brake callipers, for example for all M cars unless there are carbon discs when they will be gold. There will also be black chrome exhaust tips and graphite wheel finishes and door mirrors. Inside is rather more of a mystery with no photos being taken of the cabin. The only information given is that they will be more distinct and new fabrics are being developed with more blue strips and aluminium being added. There will even be slim line paddles for the twin clutch box and bespoke wheels with an M6 like open spoke design.
The M series will be expanded to include an M3 and M4. There will be an M4 convertible, four-door grand coupe and coupe on the market by the summer of 2015. It seems like it will just be The Touring and Gran Turismo that will miss out in having an M styling.
The M3 will get back to the straight six cylinder, the engine that the M3 is most famous for, despite rising from six to eight cylinders lately. Some may not be happy about this decision, but it is clearly the way to go with many customers now looking for a more efficient and cleaner car. There will be a brand new engine for the M3 though. It will have a range of options with a 500cc cylinder capacity being common to all of them. The three cylinder will be in the i8 range-extender supercar and the next generation mini. The four cylinder will be the 2.0 litre and the six cylinder will be the M3 3.0 litre. There will be two turbochargers to increase the power to 444bhp but it is possible to tune it so it could get to 500bhp, perhaps for a M3 GTS or any other possible special edition. This will result in the M3/M4 twins to be able to reduce to 0-62mph times by 0.3 seconds.
This is the highest tech M3 ever because there is not only the engine to excite but also the microchips as well. It is a huge step forward from the original E30 which had nothing more exciting than the cigarette lighter in the way of electronics! There is the option to have a manual six speeder but it is expected that most people will want the dual clutch transmission because it not only feels more like a race car but has instant gear changes. It has even been said that BMW will be adding an eighth ratio later. The M diff, which is a mechanical differential at the back, has bee used very successfully. It is controlled by a computer and can detect the wheel with the most grip and apportion the most torque to it. This is what makes the car so flexible with its ability to perform in an exciting manner on the track as well as be a smooth cruiser on the roads.
The M3 has some exciting materials in it, to help it become more lightweight. This is something that all car manufacturers are looking in to for a variety of reasons. There are experiments with all sorts of different materials to get the most lightweight models and BMW will soon be releasing its first family car built from carbonfibre reinforced plastic which will be the i3 electric car. These changes are planned to be made across the range if it is affordable and with the M3 at around £60,000 it would certainly be a good candidate. The roof is likely to be made of the new carbonfibre reinforced plastic with the rest of the body being aluminium. The alloys will be forged with five spokes so that they have less weight in them as well. This will lower the weight of the car of course, but it will also lower the centre of gravity and this will help the car to sit lower when it is going around corners. This means that the M3 is likely to be below 1500kg which seems to be their target. This is low compared to the 335i saloon which is 1595kg. The low weight has a lot of advantages for the car. It will improve the handling and braking as well as the economy and with the biggest rival, C63 being 1655kg, even if they cannot get below 1500kg they will still be a lot less than that.


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