BMW Is Planning to Launch Super-Luxe 9 Series


BMW Is Planning to Launch Super-Luxe 9 Series

BMW is thinking about launching a line that will be above the 7-series. One of the representatives in the company said that the project is its stage of concept and it is not decided what kind of vehicle it will be, however, it will probably be a low-fit sedan with four doors and an acclivous roof. Another possibility is that it will be a large coupe with two doors or a convertible.

The future vehicle will have the same chassis and power train the 7-series have. The automobile will be made of the structure of high content of carbon-fiber. It will be available with the engines of V8 and V12. Also it will have a great set of systems including driving features that are semi-autonomous.

For now, BMW’s super-luxury automobile is the CS Concept that premiered in 2007. This is a sedan that has a look of a coupe. However three years later the project was put off in order to produce electric and hybrid automobiles.

The upcoming model will likely to get a name of 9-series, or if it will be an automobile with two doors, the company will supposedly bring to life the 8-series. The new automobile, which will probably premiere not sooner than 2020, will cost more than $100 thousand.


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