BMW i8 Concept – an Icon of Progress


BMW i8 Concept – an Icon of Progress
The BMW i8 concept is efficient, dynamic and emotional. The concept car has created very positive feedback and excitement. It has made it obvious that a fuel efficient sports car can be a reality. After an initial testing of the concept, the choice for a series-production was made quickly. According to the sources, the BMW i8 concept is a subsequent step in the development of the BMW dynamics concept. The outcome – the most innovative and progressive sports car of all time! So little by little, the version is coming into focus. Presently the car is in a concept form but prototypes have been spotted undergoing road tests.
The most recent i8 car is sporting white and swirly blue paint and some temporary rear taillights. These are there just for safety rules. The shape of BMW i8 is quite similar to the concept car. You will notice tiny supports that will connect the rear wings to every rear fender. Nevertheless, that is a better sign that design information is being set for production. As per the source, the i8 concept will retain the cars forward opening doors. The 223 bhp 1.5 liter cylinder gasoline engine is placed behind the cabin. Capable of efficiently running on electric power, the car is expected to get around something in the area of 70mpg.

The company believes that the car can run from 0 to 62 mph within 5.0 seconds. Pricing details are yet to be announced. It seems that a price range can be around $150,000 to $200,000. The architecture of the BMW i8 car has been adapted carefully to improve the vehicles character, and hence to deliver excellent driving dynamics and unbeatable performance. The combustion engine and front motor has been connected via energy tunnel that houses very high volt battery. In fact, this offers the car a dynamic advantage – low centre of gravity.


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