BMW I3: Top 3 Best Things about BMW’s Electric Car


The world is rushing towards autonomous cars so electric vehicles are no longer an element of novelty. However, not all automakers embraced the trend, and in many countries, an electric care may look out of place.

BMW I3 Electric Car.Still, the German car maker BMW is up to date with the latest developments, and they are proud to support the I3 line of electric vehicles with a brand new design for 2018. The car is impressive, perfect for the city, and comes packed with a series of impressive features, which we’ll describe below.

#1: Compact but Spacious

Seen from outside, the car looks compact and brawny, especially because you can’t actually see where two of the five doors are hidden. The clamshell suicide hinged rear doors are smaller than the front ones and give you the feeling of a three-door vehicle.

Still, as soon as you get inside, a whole new world opens up! The inside is roomy, the chairs are comfy and the dashboard looks amazing!

The car was put on the market in 2013, but it is going strong and even though the buying price is rather high, people love it for moving in the city.

#2: Easy to Drive

Like most EVs out there, the I3 is quiet, drives smoothly, and is quite urgent even though it packs a set of large wheels. Of course, you won’t be winning any races, but for the commute in a city and nearby, this is the perfect car!

Furthermore, because it is compact and quite short, it’s amazingly easy to park even in tight spaces! Also, the regenerative braking (where the car gets energy every time you hit the brakes) is a feature to consider!

The cool thing is that it launches into traffic rather quickly, which gives you the upper hand against heavier vehicles. Of course, this urgency is lost after a short while, but it is nice when you want to move fast from a stop light.

#3: It is Safe

Regardless of the back doors (which used to be considered unsafe a while back), the BMW I3 is a very safe car and you can give it to a teenager without worrying they’ll speed their way into a deadly crash. Furthermore, it has a futuristic look (inside and outside) so it is suited for a young person.

If you want to take a step further, you can get a personalized plate (check for this) to showcase the driver respects the environment and cares for their carbon footprint.

In Conclusion

The I3 is considered the best premium small electric vehicle on the market for a good reason. It is easy to understand, it feels like a piece of machinery from the future, and fits amazing in the urban landscape!

Overall, this tiny car is a perfect fit for anyone looking to promote modern driving. It’s also a way to reduce the air pollution caused by the fossil fuels and it is amazing when it comes to parking!


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