BMW i3 Reveals More


The BMW i3 is continuing its testing. It was shown at the LA auto show, but is still being finished off, so everything can be properly completed before it goes on sale. It was recently seen in Europe with less of the fake panels on, so more detail of the bodywork could be seen. It seemed to be the same testing model that has been spotted before but with less camouflage some intriguing details were revealed.
We already know that it is a small car but now we can see that the surface is rather complex. The shape of it is more clear in these pictures and the headlights have a sweeping shape from what can be seen under the tape. There is still quite a bit of disguise on it though.
The vehicle that is being used for the testing seems to be the Hybrid version of the car. It is thought that this has a 600cc two cylinder engine which will provide a smooth ride and help to extend to 100 mile range of the electric engine.


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