BMW Gran Turismo Series 5 Seen With New Look


The BMW 5 series Gran Turismo has had a lot of criticism for the way that it looks and so it is not really a surprise that it will be changed. It may even help to improve the sales of the vehicle.
It is debatable whether BMW will be able to produce a good looking vehicle though. The main part of the body will not change for one thing, so the dumpy look will stay. The CAR photographer who took the spy shots on an autobahn run did help to pick up the changes though. It looks like the new vehicle will be based on the F-30 3 series. It will have even largest kidney grilles which will meet the headlights that have been reshaped and have new LED lights.
The tail lights will be slimmer and the well be a smaller rear bumper that is less squared which should give the impression from the back, that it is smaller. The tailgate is split giving a half saloon boot lid with a massive hatchback and this will be the same as it is now. There will not be a pop-up spoiler though, unlike the 3GT.
It is not expected that the engine line-up will change, despite the new look to the vehicle. The big powertrain was put in the entry level 520d cars and before that it was just six cylinder engines for them all. The car will be cheaper with the entry price being £39,905 which is a massive £9k cheaper. It also has great fuel economy with 53.3mpg and 139g/km of CO2.
It is expected that this will appear for sale at the beginning of next year.


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