BMW 5 Series Will be Out with New Tail Pipes


car spy photos BMW 5 Series 2017

The other days new car spy photos BMW 5 Series 2017 appeared online revealing more details about the upcoming model that is due to be presented to the public this October. Even though the body of the car was camouflaged, we can say for sure that the style of the automobile will be done in a typical German design.

As it was noticed on the pictures, the updated model of the 5 Series will have modified tail pipes, which will be done in a strange trapezoidal shape. At first glance, this kind of shape looks pretty weird, but perhaps it will perfectly suit the whole car design when we’ll see it in public.

The modified version will be working on the well-known platform of CLAR and this will reduce the weight of the automobile for about 100 kg. Despite this loss in weight, the Series will be actually a little bigger than the current model and have more commodious interior as the wheelbase was expanded.

Some engines will be taken from a bigger version and will also be replenished with hybrids of 540e and 530e. It will be the first time when the M5 will be offered with all-wheel xDrive.

As the premium sedan of the mid-size will be released in October in Paris, its sales will begin in the end of the year.



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