BMW 5 Series Next Generation Photographed


Spy photographers have spotted a next generation BMW series 5, despite the fact that it has not been long since the current one came out and this looks to be in touring form. Nothing has been revealed about the car but it is thought that it will be a lot lighter than the current Touring version which is over 3,800 pounds in total. It is also expected that it will have more in the way of driver assistance technology. The photos make the car look like it will have very similar proportions to the current one although it will be lighter. It is expected that the lights, both front and rear will not be the same as the production model ones.
United States residents will be interested to find out whether the car will be available for sale to them as they do not normally import them but just sell them to the rest of the world. It is hoped that it may be the first one to be imported in to the country and end the reign of the 5 series Gran Turismo which has been around since 2003.


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