BMW 4 Series Spotted


A BMW 4 series has been seen with very little disguise. It was photographed while out in the sunshine, preparing for its unveiling later in the year. This 4 series drop top will be replacing the series 3 convertible and it is expected that it will be a really fun car. The recent pictures taken show the car out and about with little camouflage so a lot can be seen.
It looks very much like the 4 series coupe, which is no surprise, apart form the roof obviously being different. It will have the same engines and transmissions and it is therefore likely to have a 428i and 435i model. The first will have a 2.0 litre engine with an inline four and turbocharger and the second will also be turbocharged but with an inline sic and 3.0 litres. Both will have six speed manual and eight speed automatic available as options.
This particular car has the M sport features with a better looking front and larger wheels at 19 inches. It also has Melbourne red paint. However it does have the xenon headlamps despite there being a full LED option available.
There has been no confirmation of when the car will debut and so it is a toss up between Los Angeles or Frankfurt. Production is expected to start at the end of the year though.


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