BMW 4 Series Seen Out Testing


The BMW 4 series coupe was shown at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show and so it is expected that the production model is not far away. The prototype that was pictured recently was hardly camouflaged which also gives the impression that it is almost ready to be officially revealed. This 4-series will be the replacement for the 3-series two door cars and the new 2-series will replace the 1 series coupes and convertibles.
This car has been seen out in testing several times now and the Gran Coupe and M4 kin have even been seen as well. It is expected that the final design will be very similar to that of the car that was showed in Detroit although it probably will not have the oversized wheels and the overly styled front may be toned down a little bit.
The most recent photos taken saw the series 4 with an Audi A5 which will be a competitor. This helps to compare the two vehicles and see whether there really will be close competition between them. Side by side they can easily be compared with regards to size and shape.
With regards to power, there are not many clues but it is expected that it will be typical of the 3 series in that it will have a selection of turbocharged engines with four and six cylinders. It is possible that it will be like the 428i and the 435i but as the 640i coupe uses a 3.0 litre engine there is always the chance of something like a 440i to also be available. Later this year the car will debut and then all will be revealed.


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