BMW 2 Convertible Spotted in Testing


The BMW 2 series will be replacing the series 1 in the USA with series one being used to describe the hatchback models in other markets. The coupe has already been spotted out in tests but now the convertible version has also been seen travelling on the road. Officially, the only information about the series 2 cars is that they will appear in 2014, which is not very much to go by.
The photos do not give too much away either, which is rather disappointing. However, size wise, it looks very similar to the series 1 cars. The rear and front fascias have both been reworked though and from the small amount of detail that can be seen, it looks like it will look more like the 3 series rather than the 1 series hatch available in Europe. This is unexpected as the small hatchback might not be expected to be modelled on the larger 3 series cars.
It is possible that the car could be debuted in Geneva ready for 2014 release but Frankfurt is in September and that could also be a possible option.


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