BMW 1 Series Hybrid prototype


bmw hybrid test vehicle

The first hybrid prototypes for the BMW 1-series are up and running now. It’s been 3 weeks since first spotted this 1-series hybrid prototype and ever since then it’s been playing hide and seek with us, but now finally got it in front of the camera lens. The problem as a carspy with a prototype like this is that it doesn’t look different to the other 2000 silver painted BMW 1 series driving around in Munich. Except for the “Hybrid Test Vehicle” stickers on the rear side windows and on the rear bumper.

With Lexus announcing that their 1-series rival will only be available in Hybrid form, it’s about time for BMW to develop their own version of a smaller Hybrid car. It’s not clear if the Hybrid version will be available in the current version already or if it first will come in the next generation 1-series. But then again, it would have made more sense to test it in that new generation since that one is already driving as prototype.

After the Hybrid versions of the 7 series and the X6, this is now the third Hybrid car from BMW. But remember, BMW has announced Hybrid versions of both the new 5 series and the upcoming 3 series as well.

bmw 1 series hybrid

bmw 1 hybrid


2012 bmw 1 hybrid

bmw 1-series hybrid 2012
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