Better Pictures of the Mercedes Benz CLA Shooting Brake


The Mercedes Benz Shooting Brake has been photographed before but not with such clarity. Past pictures have been rather distant and grainy and these new shots, taken when the vehicle was testing in Europe, are very much better.
The shots are close up which help to get a better idea of what the vehicle will look like. It is, in fact, a smaller version of the CLS Shooting Brake. It has a tail which is rather stylish rather than utilitarian and so it is more of a lifestyle car than one that is purely functional. It is therefore expected to have great looks.
It is expected to have the same engine options as the sedan has, in the same way that the CLS Shooting brake does. Therefore if it gets to the USA it will gave a 2.0 litre CLA250 as well as a CLA45 AMG.


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