Best Large Cars 2020


Many of us require a larger vehicle, and sometimes it can be a tricky decision to decide exactly what style, manufacturer, and model of car to decide upon. There is so much more choice than there was maybe a couple of decades ago, so it’s essential to take a little bit of time to assess all of the options to find the solution that works best. Once you have a proper look through it may become apparent that one style of the larger vehicle suits you over others, it should at least eliminate ones that are either not suitable for you or are not what you like.
SUVs 2020


SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles are by far the most popular type of larger domestic vehicle on the market today. Their popularity first emerged in the USA, but now there is barely a country on the planet where you won’t see them dominating the highways. They used to be more expensive than they are today, but as every vehicle manufacturer has a version of this style, you can find one to suit any budget.


The humble estate car has long been the go-to choice for the large family. They have vast storage space available, are generally dog friendly, and you can even install seats in the trunk in many instances, such as the classic Volvo. We do not see as many estates as we used to, primarily due to the emergence and popularity of the afore-mentioned SUV style. But this type of car is not likely to disappear anytime soon as they are cheaper to run than the SUV, and can easily take a roof-rack or trailer to allow for extra storage space as needed.

Tesla Roadster 2020

Large Electrics

Many of us are understandably concerned about our motoring’s environmental impact and are looking for ways to do our part. We are told continuously that going electric is the best way to take care of the planet. But what about those of us who want a larger vehicle? The vast majority of electrics are smaller models due to the restrictive nature of the engines, but larger models are starting to emerge. If you are looking for a family car, there are even seven-seater options, such as Nissan’s excellent NV-200. These cars are considerably more expensive than their gas counterparts, but you do need to calculate the fuel savings to get a complete picture of the cost differences. There is also the option to go for a high-performance car now, as why should we not be able to be green-minded and have some fun at the same time? The Tesla Roadster (although not for the light-pocketed) is a master-stroke of design and engineering. Also, Croatian innovators Rimmac have the C_Two as admirable opposition.

Mazda MX-5

Performance Cars

In general, performance cars are a category that any car enthusiast or journalist loves to read, write, and talk about. These days, there is so much choice from the new electric contenders we’ve just discussed to the more traditional gas giants. In the article just referenced, we can see a wide variety of sports cars on the market, form something like the usual favorites, including the Porsche 911 to the more affordable current incarnation of the Mazda MX-5. There is a performance car to suit any budget, and I love the modern version of the classic Ford Mustang that you see everywhere these days.

Ford F-150 2020

Commercial Cars

Although this article is primarily designed to look at cars rather than commercial vehicles, there is a large amount of crossover, the types of vehicles that can be used for work, but also double up as a second car in the household. If you are a contractor and also have a family to look after, chances are you will be in the market for a truck of some kind. There are plenty of classic American trucks on the market, such as the Ford F-150 or Dodge Ram 1500, both excellent and well-built machines that could easily be used to run the kids to school and then on to work if needed. Another one in need of a special mention I feel is the twin cab version of the Toyota Hilux, which is massively popular worldwide, and for a good reason. Toyota offers excellent design and, more importantly, reliability. The downside of the Toyota over some of the others mentioned here is pure power and torque, but if you don’t need to be performing at the limits, it’s a great option.


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