Best Golf Cart Accessories and Parts We’ve Seen Last Year


Golf carts are a quintessential part of being a serious golfer. It’s a necessity that helps improve your golfing experience and maximize your time for play. Like a car, golf carts have various accessories and parts that are vital for maintaining its function and condition.

Best Golf Car

If you’re looking for replacement parts or planning an upgrade, you may want to consider the best golf cart accessories and part of last year.

Lift Kits

As a serious golf player, you’ve probably played and will play on various terrains; some are harder to navigate in your golf cart than others. That said, lift kits were made to enhance navigation in different paths, even the rough ones. Installing a reliable lift kit on your golf cart raises the ride height, enabling better stability when you drive. A lift kit also creates room for larger tires, so you can tackle more difficult terrains without the struggle.

Rear Seat Kits

Many golf carts are not family-friendly or group-friendly since there’s no room for a lot of people in one cart. If you’re the type who loves to play with a group of people, then a rear seat kit would be the perfect upgrade for your golf cart.

Simply put, a rear seat kit is an extension to make more room (for people or cargo) in a golf cart. Whether you’re playing alone or with a group, a rear seat can be handy for bringing your golfing gear or allowing more people to ride.

Tires and Wheels

Tires and wheels are some of the most important parts of a golf cart. The overall performance of a golf cart is tied to the condition of its tires and wheels. That said, they must be properly cared for to perform their function and last longer. If your golf cart tires and wheels have served you for a long time, then you’ve probably noticed signs of wear and tear, such as thinning treads, serious air leaks, and cracks in the rubber.

When you see these signs, it’s time to say goodbye to your old tires and get new replacements. Ignoring and driving with worn or damaged tires may cause accidents that can lead to serious injuries. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so change your tires immediately when you notice these signs.

If you’re planning to tackle harder terrains this year, why not get bigger and taller tires and wheels? Larger tires and wheels allow better traction and stability when running through rough, bumpy, and difficult paths.

Fender Flares

With bigger tires and wheels come muddier journeys. While large tires are ideal for navigating through tough terrains, they are so good at gently coursing through messy paths. Expect to see lots of mud stains and water splashes, as well as stray debris, on your golf cart after driving through a wet, mucky path.

If you don’t want deals with so much mess every time you play in muddy terrain, you may want to install fender flares on your golf cart. Like those in SUVs and trucks, golf cart fender flares serve as shields over your tires to prevent dirt, mud, and debris from splashing in all directions. With these protectors, all you need to worry about is cleaning the tires, wheels, and under the fender flares and not your whole golf cart.

Covers and Enclosures

The weather can take an unexpected turn when you’re out playing, and the closest shelter may be miles away from where you are. This is when having enclosures on your golf cart can be extremely convenient. You can simply take cover in there and drive to the clubhouse or wait for the drizzling to stop.

If it’s especially hot outside, an enclosure can protect you from the sun while you move from one hole to another. There are temporary enclosures that you can easily install when the weather gets worse and take when it gets better.

Proper Care and Maintenance

Replacing and upgrading the accessories and parts of your golf cart is inevitable. Time, constant use, and exposure to different elements will sooner or later wear down these components. However, if you want to maximize the performance and longevity of your golf cart and its accessories and parts and batteries, proper care and maintenance should be done regularly. Only then can you ensure that your golf cart can accompany you through more years of golfing.


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