Bentley Working Hard on the Bentayga Crossover


Bentley Bentayga Crossover Bentley showed their EXP 10 Speed 6 concept at the Geneva Motor Show and worked hard on that, but now they are back to working on other things. They are concentrating on developing their Bentayga crossover to get it on to the market as soon as possible. The most recent pictures showing it in testing, have very little disguise. This implies that it is almost ready for its debut. The full leather seats can be seen, although they do have plastic covers on them to protect them from dirt and damage while being tested. There are some hidden parts though such as the head lights, back lights and back quarter windows which are covered in thin foil. The rear door also has gills which look rather odd too. It is expected that the wheels will be replaced too, and the rest of the trim still needs to be put in place. However, it is expected that what was seen then was pretty much the production version of the car.


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