Beadlock-Capable Wheels, HID Headlights Featured By 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor


Beadlock-Capable Wheels, HID Headlights Featured By 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
In 2013 F-150 gets little improved features. There are reports of upgrades running to the off road ready SVT Raptor variant. There are a lot of improved features for the 2013 Raptor which varies from the regular F-150. The people buying SVT trucks can have now HID headlights, My Ford Touch and an improved traditional beadlock wheel. There are Beadlock Wheels already in the market but in Ford there is an improved version which has a normal rim. The beadlock normally locks the tire to the rim. This avoids the tire from separating from the rim, this helps when the sir pressure is low.
The beadlock capable set up of Ford needs a beadlock ring kit to b ordered from the Ford Racing for functioning fully. Normally the wheel will come with the tire mounted conventionally but here it is changed to beadlocker which needs unbolting the rims decorative ring. Deflate the tire, pull the edge of tire over the outer rim, here the Ford, Racing ring is locked over the edge of the tire. This will tighten everything. This is better than purchasing a new set of wheels in more dirty days. When it is in beadlock mode then the wheels are mostly for off road use.
The Sync Connectivity suite is also made standard in Ford. Normally My Ford touch screen comes with eight inch touch screen but now a 4-2 inch multi function display is introduced. The standard Torsen limited slip front differential us same as the 2013 model and the front view camera also. The aluminum dash board is introduced in the 3013 model instead of blue and black color options.
The new color of earth tone which is called Terrain by Ford is for exteriors. The Green color is good. This is like Raptor is put into the Mc Donald’s Shamrock shake and then faded in the sun. In the sales this fall there are colors of Red, Silver, White, Blue and Black in Raptor. The price of the truck and the other features will be later announced nearing to the sales date.



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