Baby Jeep Spotted Testing


Baby Jeep Spotted Testing
The Jeep B Crossover has been seen testing for the very first time, both in the US and in the European Alps. There are not many details available about it yet but the pictures give some information. The car currently looks like a Fiat 500L mule that has been cobbled together. It is expected to be ready to replace the Compass and Patriot models which will be withdrawn and therefore arriving for the 2015 model year.
The photographer thinks that this new car will have the same platform as the Fiat 500x and will be built together with it in Turin, Italy. The images do not give a lot away but the mule does seem to have added length. There were rumours that it would be close to the Ford Fiesta and this may put an end to those as the 500L is larger than it. It is expected that the powertrain options will be the same as Fiat and Chrysler collaborative vehicles but it should have an all-wheel drive system to stick to its off road roots.


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