Baby Jag Pictures Taken


The new baby Jaguar X760 (2014) has been pictured testing on UK roads. This is the entry model that was seen and it is expected to either be a coupe crossover similar to the BMW X4 or a Mercedes CLA type four door coupe. It is expected that it will arrive on the market in 2015.
The car has a 3.0 litre V6 petrol engine. This is the new V6 that is used in the F-type sports cars. It has replaced the V8 that is used in the US models of the Range Rover Sport and XJ Limo. The reason for this is because it is looking towards a more upmarket position. They are expecting that the new segment is worth 2.8 million vehicle sales according to Adrian Hallmark, the global brand director.
This test mule has a different braking system to that on the XF saloon. The rear brake calipers are in the same position as that on the Range Rover sport, having swapped position. The door handles are also in a recessed position which may indicate that the new latch positions may be on the existing panels.
There si some information that is know for sure about this car. The modular platform will be the same one that will be used for the new XF. It will be aluminium which will save weight and make production more streamlined. The cars will have standard rear wheel drive but there will be an option of all wheel drive as well. BMW and Mercedes also offer these options because they sell well in Europe, Russia and US where wintry conditions in some parts of those countries can mean the all wheel drive option is preferable.
Jaguar has created a new engine production facility, costing £500m and based in Wolverhampton. This will be building the V6 and four cylinder engines for the Jaguar Land Rover, next generation vehicle.


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