AvtoVAZ began testing Lada Low-Cost 2190 (Lada Granta)


new lada low-cost 2190

New Lada low-cost model is being tested with full load on the streets of Togliatti.

As reported in the backseat of the car, noticed on the street, were placed liquid mannequins, and on the roof rack attached to the load. In addition, a car towing a trailer.

Just learned that the car was factory index 2190. Previously it was assumed that the market it will fall under the name of Lada Kalina LowCost, but at the end of June 2010, AvtoVAZ announced the contest “Product Name for the new model Lada”. Winner’s promise to call at the Moscow Motor Show 2010 in August, at the same time we will know, under what name of car will be launched in the series.

It is expected that the car will be built on a lightweight platform and the basic kit will lose power steering, electric windows and mirrors, as well as airbags and anti lock brakes.

As previously reported, in 2011, AvtoVAZ will begin production of budget sedans and hatchbacks Lada 2190, built on a cost-reduced platform Lada Kalina. These vehicles will replace the family Lada Samara and classical models of Lada 2105/2107.



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