Auto Transmission Repair – Keeping Your Vehicle Running Smoothly


Auto TransmissionWhat is Auto Transmission?

Auto transmission refers to a type of vehicle gear system in which the gear ratios are changed automatically. Remember that it is the ratio of gears in relation with each other that determines the speed at which the vehicle can move. This is different from a manual transmission system in which the gear ratios are changed manually, requiring that the driver first engage the clutch to disengage the gears before the switch. You can read all about it here.

This is by far the most common type of transmission system in use today. This is because it is very easy to use and less complicated than the manual system.

Common Transmission Problems

Common Transmission ProblemsA car’s transmission system is key to its smooth operation. Once there is any kind of problem with this system, the car will have issues moving as smoothly as it should. We shall therefore look at a few of the common problems usually associated with auto transmission systems.

Knowing and calling the attention of your mechanic to these problems can save you from more serious problems. It may be something that can be fixed, saving you the expense of having to change the entire gear box.

Oil Leakage

Automatic transmission makes use of what is called transmission oil (ATF). This is what makes the gear change easy and also lubricates and keeps the different working parts of the system cool. If this fluid drops to a very low level, the gear change will not be smooth.

While the level is expected to drop over time as a result of use, the system can spring a leak which means that the level will drop a lot faster. When this happens, you cannot simply top up the fluid. The leak has to be fixed.

Gear Slipping

Gear slipping refers to a situation when the gear ratio change is done outside of the usual process. For example, the gear could slip into neutral while you are driving. The result will be that when you accelerate, you will not get the expected forward movement of the vehicle.

When you notice this, it means that you need to have the system checked out. You can watch this video for more explanation on this:

Slight Shaking or Wiggling

If you notice that when you drive, the vehicle wiggles for some time before settling down, it may be a gear issue. The gears may be finding it difficult to switch smoothly. If this is the case, the vehicle will wiggle and shake until the gears are fully in place.

This again needs to checked out quickly to avoid worsening the situation.


This is not the regular engine overheating that will be shown on your car’s engine temperature display. The gear system also has moving parts which get hot as you drive. If these moving parts begin to overheat, it can cause some malfunction.

Sadly, this is not something that can be easily detected like with engine overheating. One of the few signals you may get is a burning smell. If you check, you may also find that the fluid oil is low, dirty or burnt. In any case, it may mean your car’s transmission system is due for repairs.

Choosing a Repair Service

Your car’s auto transmission repair should only be handled by very qualified personnel. How do you go about finding the right repair service for this and other issues your car may have?

Ask for a Referral

One of the fastest ways of finding any kind of service is by asking those around you if they know anyone who can offer them. Chances are that if those within your circle know anyone who can deliver a good job, they will recommend them. Chances are also that should you be considering anyone who any of your contacts has had a bad experience with, they will quickly alert you to this so you can avoid having the same experience.

Search Online

If you do not know anyone who can refer you to anyone, then your next option is to search online. Do a local search for auto transmission repairs and you will find recommendations for those close to you.

Check for Reviews

Once you have gotten these recommendations, the next thing is to vet them. One quick way of doing this is by reading online reviews. Find out what past customers are saying about their experiences working them.


Your vehicle’s auto transmission is important to the smooth running of your car. If it has any issues, make sure you get it fixed quickly or you will find yourself spending a lot more money on a complete gear box change.


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