Audi S4 Test Drive in Progress


Audi S4

The latest Audi S4 was recently spotted doing its rounds during a test drive.

The test took place with both its versions; the wagon and sedan and was last seen in the Nurburgring area of Germany. It’s no secret that the Audi S4 will be taking a few pages out of the Audi A4 playbook; the latest version of the A4 model will be unveiled by this September. The S4 will also have trace elements from the famous Audi TT design. The S4 however, adds extra emphasis on minimalism adding to its flair of performance. The S4 will focus on power, with a 3 litre engine sporting a V6. The vehicle will be all wheel drive with 350 horsepower shooting out of its cogs. With these specifications, the Audi S4 will be in par to compete with the Mercedes AMG Sport C450. While this would be a good match, the Audi S4 will most likely fall short of the more powerful Mercedes counterpart, the C63 AMG. Audi’s answer to this model would be the RS4, an upcoming model. Unfortunately, the RS4 will most likely not make it to the US marketplace making the S4 the champion product of its series in the American marketplace.

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