Audi S1 Seen in testing


The Audi S1 has been seen while out testing in Germany. Spy photographers caught it when it was on the streets .
It is likely to have  a less aggressive look that the A1 Quattro, which it will be taking over form. The pictures show that its back wing is more subtle and the wheel wells so not have such flair. The wheels look like those that are seen on the Audi S vehicles. It does have more height though which will be useful for negotiating speed bumps and steep driveways.
It is expected that the S1 will have around 220-250 horsepower which will mean that it is more powerful that some of its rivals, the Polo GTI and Ford Fiesta ST. It will be likely to be more expensive than those two cars though. This speed is about the same as the 252 horsepower that the 2.0 litre turbocharged engine can manage in the A1 Quattro.
There are some other differences form what is seen in the standard A1. These are the LED driving lights. The camouflage makes it hard to see what the tail lights look like but it is likely that they have been changed. It is also expected that the three door S1 and the five door S1 Sportback will not be seen in the US.


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