Audi Rs6 Avant Spy Photos 2014


Audi Rs6 Avant Spy Photos 2014
What is the matter: The Audi R56, an Avanti prototype which is in Swirly cover is being tested in Nirburgring , a place in Germany. The Wagon and the Sedan A6 was introduced in the previous year. It takes only time for getting the sight of the greater performance of R56. What is the matter: Just like the BMW and the Mercede3s Benz will give the perfect performance and gives a glare to the brand. The BMW has given the M5 and the Mercedes Benz gave the E63 AMG. There is waiting for the R56. The R56 will be round to the Audi RS offerings. This will go for the R55. TT RS and R 54 also. The R57 and Euro based R51 will be nearly launched.
In U.S. It matters: The people have the doubt whether the R56 will be launched here.  But mostly it will not be launched here. The simple version of Standard A6 is also not launched. The R 54 will come in the form of wagon. For large size R56 the model is not introduced into that country. The testing of the cars A-7 and the based R57 is being launched. The A7 is the same car where the cover is not put.  The R57 is not having facilities for getting the engine to work faster.
Platform: The R56 has the same shell like the A6. The photos tell a different story .They is mentioning that the cars are going for RS duty. The R56 will have bigger slender flares.
The R56 model will have the front part, panel extensions are more improved than the model of 56. The air is taken from the front and two exhaust pipes at the back.
The wheels have spoke wheels. This makes the owner to look into the discs and calipers which are used for getting makeup.
The albeit in Sedan, is available with the necessary rate.  Twin turbo changer is of 4.5 liters and the V-8 will be the only option to the vehicle is by giving more power. The S6 will make the 420Hp And 406 Ib-ft of torque.  The R56 gives more power than the R-57.  The R 56 engine power goes nearly to 600 Hp. R57 almost will have the same specifications.
Compete: The competition of the auto manufactures. is not over. The BMW M5, Mercedes-Benz and the Cadillac are the buses.  The 2014 R56 are launched just before 2013.


  1. The swirly cover design looks great! This car looks really funky and the performance is great. Too bad it is not going to be released in the US though.


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