Audi RS3 Sedan Will Be Available in U.S with More than 400 Horsepower


Audi RS3 Sedan

There are rumors that Audi is getting ready to develop a big brother of S3.

One of the employees at Audi of America said that the model RS3 would be transferred from Europe to America with a new look. The sporty automobile will be transformed to a more traditional model with four doors and an updated styling. It is also said that the car will have more than 400 units of horsepower, which will be produced by the 2.5 liter turbo with 5 cylinders. The model will likely to have all-wheel drive Quattro and transmission for dual-clutch S-Tronic.

The new sedan is expected to come to the U.S. in 2017 and it will be presented as a 2018 model. The initial price for the automobile will be between $55,000 and $60,000. This might be bad news for the Mercedes-AMG, because even though the cost of the CLA45 starts at $50,000 it can go far beyond the $60,000 mark. The Mercedes’s model is fast and very competent, but it is also sharper then Audi’s S3. Perhaps, this was the reason the company decided to design a more productive version.

All this information still needs to be confirmed with the Audi of America.


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