New Audi R8 Saloon or Audi A8 Tuning ???


Audi R8 Saloon

Version 1

New Audi R8 Saloon with plastic body and a new V8 engine, developed in collaboration with Bentley, was spied in Canada.

new Audi R8 Saloon

In fact, this option is not very good connection between the old Audi A8 and R8, the front panel is taken at the R8, including the headlights, while the rear part of the A8 is the exhaust system on the Lexus IS-F.

2012 Audi R8 Saloon

More about the Audi R8 Saloon say nothing, as there is no more information but this set of photos.

Version 2

What is the Audi R8 Saloon ???. Well, this is just a homemade tuning. The owner of the old A8 reworked front end and made a new kit.

audi a8 tuning



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