Audi R8 on Nurburgring


The Audi R8 is being worked on now and it was seen recently on the nurburgring with very little disguise on it. The car is now being intently worked on now that the Lamborghini Huracan has been debited. The car is the follow up t the model that helped to put the company on the map for supercars and has had an eight year lifespan. This is a long time and so it is time that it had an update.
Luckily it looks like Audi is ready to replace it. There has been prototypes spotted with heavy camouflage recently so not giving much away but these more recent photos show is what it is likely to look like.
The design looks a lot sharper but it is not so unlike the old design that it cannot be recognised but certainly looks newer. It looks like some parts of the design are based around the new TT such as the area around the front lights. There is a rear wing that is adaptive and the side blades look more pronounced as well. The wheels have low profile rubber.
With not all details revealed then it is hard to know exactly what it will look like and whether it will be an impressive design. However, it certainly looks like it has potential here.


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