Audi R8 GT Seen Testing


There have been suspicions for a while that the R8 GT was either going to be cancelled or have an upgrade because it has the same output as the new R8 V10. These pictures of an updated R8 GT imply that it will be having an upgrade rather than being discontinued.
It is expected that the new car will lose some weight to make it a better performer and more efficient, although this is something that cannot be seen form the pictures. However, it does look like it will definitely have better handling from what can be seen in the pictures. The chin spoiler looks to have a more aerodynamic design for one thing and the fixed rear wing and fascia winglets also seem to imply this. The brakes have bigger calipers on this model and it seems like they may have cross drilled ceramic rotors as well. It is expected that output will increase form the 560 horsepower in the current model maybe up towards 600. With Audis all-wheel drive system this is certainly possible. It is expected that the production model amounts will be very low based on the fact that the outgoing model had only 333 units available globally.


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