Audi R8 GT NB spy shots ???


Audi R8 GT NB spy shots ???

If you think the Audi R8 GT is not exclusive enough, not hard core enough, then Audi might just have something for you in a near future. It may look like a “normal” GT at the first look, but look closely and you will find a bigger front spoiler in race car look. The track seems also to be slightly wider given away by the small flaps on the front and rear fenders. At the back there are small Gurney flaps on each side of the rear spoiler as well as a bigger Gurney flap on the wing itself.

Is this a prototype for the extra lightweight car that’s been rumored to be called the R8 NF? An R8 GT with more body parts exchanged to carbon fiber? And if this is a more hard core version of the GT, will it also have more power or just be lighter?

Many questions that for the time being only the guys over at Quattro GmbH and Audi can give us answers to. We will try to keep updated on this hottie.


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