Audi R8 (2014): Surprises


Audi is preparing to upgrade the R8 supercar in spring 2014 and the subsequent R8 is expected to shadow an evolutionary aspect, as illustrated in our innovative artist’s impression.
This is not the only thing that has been upgraded on the R8. Audi is also planning to give the R8 a facelift as well as a tech upgrade. You can be on the lookout for a seven speed dual clutch transmission as well as an improved MMI hard. The power output is expected to be 540bhp and you also can expect a limited edition electric RSe at the end of 2012.
2014 Audi
In 2014 you can expect the R8 to be replaced by the second generation German supercar. According to our sources, the side blades and the manual transmission will be removed and a single multi-functional color monitor will be visible between the speedometer and the rev counter. Not to mention the fact that tech will be running throughout the entire car. A head display will be visible as well as re designed lights.
Carbon andaluminum for the next 2014 R8
The current 100% aluminum based ASF structure will be replaced to a multi material mix. Also, carbon fiber will be in the rear firewall. Not to mention the fact that the transmission tunnel and the b posts will act as rollover protection elements.
This route makes it so the body is lighter and 13% stiffer. The total kerbweight is expected to tumble 100kg.
Audi R8: Engines
You can expect a new and improved version of the engine. This version of the V8 is said to reach 550bhp. Then, the midterm version is said to reach up to 600bph. This engine that is found in the auto is the same one planned to be used in the Bentley Continental GT. Also, in 2015 you can expect the R8 Spyder. You can expect for the R8 and the Gallardo replacement in 2013 to stick to the MSS architecture.


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